Yeji (ITZY) Profile: Interesting Facts, Bio, Age, Height

Yeji is one of the K-pop idols who are members of the girl group made by JYP Entertainment, namely ITZY. As a leader, she entered the ranks of K-Pop idols who are known to be charismatic.

Thanks to her unique visuals and impressive talent, at the beginning of her debut, Yeji had stolen the attention of fans and was always in the spotlight. With her group, Yeji has now made it into the popular fourth-generation K-Pop idol.

For those of you who want to know more about ITZY Yeji, here are the complete biodata and facts!


• Full name: Hwang Yeji

• English name: Lucy Hwang

• Stage name: Yeji

• Position in the group: Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper

• Place and date of birth: May 26, 2000

• Nationality: Korean

• Zodiac: Gemini

• Height: 170 cm

Yeji Facts

1. Once sung one of Twice’s songs

While undergoing an audition period at JYP, Yeji once sang a song from Twice. A girl group that has been active since 2015, and consists of nine beautiful women. The song Yeji sang at that time was “Like Ooh-Ahh”.

Like Ooh-Ahh is Twice’s flagship song on their first EP: The Story Begins. This song later managed to perch on several charts, both in Korea and outside Korea. This song also managed to get Yeji into JYP Entertainment. The agency that later made him a part of ITZY.

2. Her position in ITZY

ITZY officially debuted on February 12, 2019. On the single album, they endorsed “Dalla Dalla” as their song.

In addition to introducing the single album and song, the debut moment was also a moment of strengthening the position of each member. Yeji is one of them. At ITZY, Yeji officially holds the position of leader, main dancer, lead rapper, and lead vocalist.

3. She became a trainee at JYP for 3 years

Like the other members, Yeji also had a trainee period at JYP. At the agency, he underwent a trainee period for three years. The trainee period was from 2015 to 2018.

The trainee period made Yeji the member with the third-longest trainee period with Yuna. The member with the longest trainee period at JYP is Chaeryeong with a trainee period of 5 years.

4. Was Cameo in Twenty Again

Yeji had several experiences before undergoing the trainee period at JYP. One of them was a cameo in a drama series. Twenty Again is the drama series in question. Twenty Again itself is a drama starring Coi Ji-woo and Lee sang-Yoon.

The series, which is also called Second 20s, first aired on August 28, 2015, on TVN. Having a total of 16 episodes, the series officially ended on October 17, 2015. In that series, Yeji made a cameo in the 8th episode.

5. Yeji on Stray Kids Survival Show

In addition to being a cameo, Yeji also had time to participate in several TV series. Stray Kids is one of them. This is a survival show series that later formed the boy band Stray Kids. Although it was intended for male participants, Yeji appeared on the program.

She appeared in the JYP Trainee Girls Showcase which was in the first episode of Stray Kids. To be precise, on October 17, 2017. In that episode, Yeji was seen practicing with several JYP trainees. JYP itself happens to be the agency that initiated Stray Kids.

6. Yeji was a contestant on SBS The Fan in 2018.

Another TV series that Yeji participated in at that time was The Fan. This is a survival show series that airs on the SBS television station. In this event, the audience is very involved. Especially, in evaluating the talents of the participants, as well as in determining who is entitled to qualify.

In judging the participants, the audience will be assisted by Fan Masters. Fan Masters is a collection of senior celebrities who will later give recommendations to the audience, which participants are entitled to win. In addition, Fan Masters are also tasked with encouraging participants to bring out their best talents.

In The Fan, Yeji  appeared very impress the audience. However, her work at the event did not last long. She had to be willing to be eliminated from the show in the 5th episode.

  • Junho introduced her as JYP Entertainment’s “secret weapon

Long before becoming an official participant in ‘The Fan’, Yeji had appeared on the show as a “secret weapon” by one of the 2 PM frontmen, Junho.

Junho made Yeji a ‘secret weapon’ because Yeji was considered to have good dancing skills. In addition, Yeji is also considered able to express herself well.

Those are the biodata and interesting facts of Yeji, the ITZY leader. Hopefully, the facts above can make you more familiar with this one leader.

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