Musician Rosie Minako Talks Embracing Creativity and Individuality through Songwriting

Rosie Minako is a Eurasian artist and songwriter who has a strong passion for music since childhood. She started playing the flute in preschool and then embarked her career as a singer in primary school. Attending a primary school with music as the focus of the curriculum, she had competed in countless singing competitions throughout her school years. She began her creative pursuit in songwriting during her teenage years, and later continued to pursue a Master’s degree in Vocal Performance and Music Composition. Her heartfelt music and talented performances have won her an accumulation of loyal music fan bases around the world.

When it comes to musical creativity, Rosie puts all her heart and soul into her songs. ‘Music is a very powerful medium to showcase the talent and passion of artists. I love to express myself through music in ways that my listeners can relate,’ says Rosie during the interview of her new single ‘Red Rosie Lips’. ‘Every artist has their own way of expressing themselves through music. It is important to be yourself and not copy from others. Rather, step into your own individuality and embrace your own uniqueness. In that way, you will become memorable and stand out in the competitive music industry,’ Rosie’s new album has caught attention of international music producers and bands.

‘The melody’ is the most important ingredient in Rosie’s music making. ‘Besides ensuring my music is in harmony and is pleasant to the ears, emotions play a big part in my creation’, Rosie expressed. ‘I am not only a musician. I am a great storyteller too. I tell a story in my every single. When I tell stories with melody, I put a lot of emotions in it. I want my audience to feel what I am feeling too, whether it is joy, sadness, anger or disappointment. In that way, I can relate to my listeners on a more personal basis,’ she further added.

As reflected in Rosie’s large active fan bases on her social media, it is undeniable that she is a rising star in the music world. Currently, she is preparing for her solo concerts in Asia this summer. She plans to incorporate dancing to her current track of old and new singles in her live performances. She revealed her live shows will be very cinematic and vivid, as she wants to be able to connect to her fans. We look forward to more updates on her coming shows.