3 Ways to Improve Your Appearance Despite Balding

Most people associate a significant part of their personality with their hair, even men. So dealing with hair loss can be a challenging experience for anyone to go through. Long story short: it’s understandable if your confidence has been receding with your hairline. Thankfully, you always have the power to improve your situation. It’s just a matter of leveraging your resources to their fullest potential.

One resource men tend to neglect is their grooming. Grooming is essential for looking your best, so begin incorporating more grooming essentials to give your game a boost. Essentials for balding include everything from hair care to honing in on your personal style. If you’ve neglected your grooming, developing it could give you the edge that restores your confidence. So read on to learn about three grooming essentials for men experiencing hair loss. 

1. Style Your Hair

Whether or not you make the effort to regrow your hair, keep making an effort to style it. Even if you’ve only got a few wisps up top, keeping them trimmed is a surefire way to improve your appearance. If you’re not already, invest in finding a barber who has experience working with balding hair. They’ll help you find a style that works for your unique situation. 

How much you’ve still got up top changes which styles you’ll want to gravitate toward. Rather than grow your hair long, opt for short, textured cuts that don’t draw attention to thinning areas. Buzz cuts are another great option, especially if your hairline has receded particularly far back. If you’ve got nothing left up top, you can always embrace the bald and focus on accentuating other features.

That said, you might be surprised to find how much hair you can regrow with the proper medication. You’re not destined to rock the bald look. Use something like a topical minoxidil to ensure your scalp is receiving plenty of blood and reverse follicle shrinkage. Blood carries essential nutrients that help your hair grow strong and healthy. Additionally, you can supplement your fresh do with thickening products to get the most out of it. 

2. Care for Your Skin

The quality and health of your skin is often one of the first things people will notice about you. Your face does a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to conveying your personality. So improving the overall health of your skin will give your appearance a significant boost. The two products that are most important for a good skincare routine are a cleanser and a moisturizer.

When was the last time you washed your face? No, just getting it wet in the shower doesn’t count. If you’re not actually washing your face, there’s a good chance you’ve got dirt and oil clogging up your pores. A cleanser will remove these impurities, helping prevent breakouts. The only downside of using a cleanser is that it can also strip the moisture from your skin.

Luckily, that’s exactly where a moisturizer comes in. It will help replenish the moisture the cleanser stripped away, making your skin look nourished and healthy. For added benefit, get a moisturizer with an SPF of 30 or more. That way it will also protect your skin from UV damage, which can lead to premature aging and other skin conditions. Sunscreen is especially important for those experiencing hair loss because without fuller hair, you may need to protect your scalp.

3. Remember Clothes Make the Man

Caring for your hair and skin will certainly improve your appearance. But keep in mind that grooming isn’t just about improving your natural features. As you go out into the world, people will also notice what you wear. Dressing to impress can be an admirable goal in its own right. However, one of the biggest goals when it comes to developing your wardrobe is focusing on confidence. 

One way to develop your own style is to take aspects from others that you like. Think about celebrities or other well-known individuals whose dress style you enjoy. What aspects of their wear do you dig that you’d like to recreate? Perhaps you really like how Steve Harvey rocks a colorful suit or how your local barista sports vintage button-downs. Once you’ve identified one or more styles you appreciate, you can start incorporating similar pieces into your wardrobe. 

There are many different styles, and some blend into each other. You may feel confused as you expand your comfort zone, but that’s normal. Remember, the goal is not to have one, limited appearance, but to cultivate a wardrobe you feel confident in. In general, focus on classics that fit you well before diving into trendier territory. Wearing clothes you feel great in can offset the hit to self-esteem that often comes with balding.

Improve Your Appearance, Improve Your Confidence

It’s no surprise that hair loss can be challenging to contend with. However, by cultivating good grooming, you can substantially improve your overall appearance. In turn, a strong appearance can give you a necessary boost to your confidence. Focus on developing your hairstyle, skincare routine, and wardrobe to get the most out of your grooming efforts. Beginning a grooming routine can admittedly take some significant effort to initiate, but one that’s well worth the investment.